Dear Valued Mustang Apparel Limited Supplier, 

Our corporate policy dictates bringing the best product at the best price to our most important resource, the customer. This commitment to great value in no way diminishes our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of compliance with all legal and human rights issues.

Enclosed please find a copy of the Mustang Apparel Limited’s Code of Business Practices. You are urged to read it carefully and confirm that you share our commitment by signing the last page and returning it to my attention. The expedited return of this page is a requirement for future business with Mustang Apparel Limited 

Yours truly,

Javed Chowdhury 



MAL will contract only with those vendors that are lawful and ethical businesses. Each vendor that supplies or produces goods or parts for MAL shall comply with all laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which it conducts business and with all others applicable international laws, rules and regulations including, but not limited to, the laws of the country the client is operating in, including any applicable trade treaties or agreements between the country the client is operating in and the countries in which the vendor conducts business. In addition to complying with law, vendor shall comply with the industry standards of the countries in which it conducts business. Should the relevant legal, requirements and industry standards conflict, the vendor must, at a minimum, be in compliance with the relevant legal requirements; provided, however, that if local or industry practices exceed applicable legal requirements, this higher standard shall be met by the vendor. In addition to the foregoing, vendor shall, at a minimum, comply with the following:


Documentation: Vendor shall maintain accurate documentation regarding the country of origin or source of products and will not participate in the creation of false or fraudulent documents.


Labeling: Vendor shall not manufacture, produce, supply or sell products, which are falsely or fraudulently labeled as to country of origin or source.


Country of Origin: Vendor shall not engage in nor aid any activity might be used in concealing, the true origin of products, including the transshipment of products through a country other than the country of origin.


Invoicing: Vendor shall invoice the true price and disclose all fees, charges, commissions, royalties, and costs of any nature associated with imported merchandise.


Export Documentation: In acquisition and presentation of export documents, including visas, vendor shall not mistake the quantities, weight or other requirements applicable with imported merchandise.

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